Discovering The Calabrian Flavours

by Sara Saccuman, KONTAKT CJO

Calabria is an Italian region faces the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas full of terrific beaches, crystalline water, and favourable climate so you can visit it every season. It is known for being the boot tip and Catanzaro, located in centre of the region, is the capital of Calabria.

Food is one of the most important things of the region: it’s the second region for production of olive trees and citrus, in particular tangerines, bergamot, and cedar. Moreover, Calabria produces their own PGI lemons: this label, given to agricultural products, food, or wine, guarantees their local origin.

Tropea is a coastal city that gave her name to an important daily vegetable: the Onion of Tropea, a round red onion used to flavour daily dishes or eaten caramelized as counter. This type of onion was recognised PGI in 2008.

Another local product is the fig Dottato Bianco di Cosenza, a special variety of fig usually dried and used for cakes: this product was recognized PDO and that means that the entire production is made in Calabria.

An interesting fact is that Calabria is the first exporting region of Porcini mushrooms: although being known for the beaches, the southern part of the region is mountainous.

Calabria is also the first Italian producer of liquorice and the one produced in here is consider the best one for its taste bitter-sweet.

Now let’s have a look at the most important recipes and dishes of Calabrian tradition.


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