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The applying school has never been involved in KA2 projects and based its choice on the results of risk analyses. It decided that this project should be carried out transnationally by the organisations from 4 culturally different regions of Europe, sharing similar goals and activities but having different experience and culture. Coordinators decided to focus on countries where languages taught at school are spoken as official languages.

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KONTAKT CJO is a big private language school with over 20 years of experience in the educational marketThe school is  located in a very historical Polish city, Poznan. It’s legal name is EDUSYSTEM Sp. z o. o. 

We organize language courses for adult learners and for companies and institutions (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Catalan and Polish).  Our teachers believe that teaching languages is much more than practicing grammar structures and new vocabulary. That is why, apart from general, business and exam preparation courses, the school organizes lots of additional events, activities and festivals, promoting European culture and the idea of learning languages and travelling around the world.  The biggest and the most popular are 2 language festivals organised every year: “Que Pasa?” The Festival of Spanish Language and Culture and “What’s up?” the Festival of English Language and Culture. 

We also have blog ( where foreign teachers and interns publish articles in different languages on different topics: languages or social and culture issues.  

Our school is also an authorized exam center, administrating exams in English, German and French and Spanish. We also cooperate with schools situated in other European countries (the UKMaltaIrelandSpainGermanyFrancePortugalItaly), offering our students language courses abroad and organising culture trips for groups.

We have been working on different European projects since 2012 (Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Erasmus+, PO WER). Most of these projects were implemented to develop the competencies of the school’s teaching and administrative staff (eg teaching skills, ICT competencies, soft skills).

Since 2012 the school has successfully hosted Erasmus, and Leonardo da Vinci trainees from EU countries. The school’s staff members are highly experienced in internship management and mentoring trainees (language teachers) while taking their first steps into their professional lives. Every year, the school hosts about 50 foreign interns, and in this way, it improves the cultural awareness of students and teachers and make the language and cultural program for students more complex and regular. 

In March 2020, because of the pandemic, the school had to commence distance learning and organize semester group courses online, via ZoomThis successful digital teaching on a really large scale was possible because the ICT skills and experience gained by the school staff during previous Erasmus+ projects. This process of introducing online classes for adult learners was complex, new experience in the field of language teaching and resulted in new good practices, ideas and changes in the schools educational offer. Online courses are now one of the options our students can choose. 


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JUMP Gioventù in riSalto is a cultural association that was born on 31/10/2012 by the will of 3 young people who had been living, studying, and working abroad but then decided to come back to the homeland which is the Calabria region, precisely in Soverato, a small city on the Ionian Coast. The area is known as one of the most disadvantaged and poorest

of Italy and maybe of Europe due to the highest unemployment rate (19%) especially youth unemployment and it is characterized by unfair stereotypes related to mafia and corruption. JUMP has been created with the mission to develop cultural development, internationalization through European projects in this context which suffers from the huge

phenomenon of “depopulation”. Young people have grown with the idea that their future can’t be in the region and they have to go away to find new opportunities. JUMP wants to be the “jump” to a new vision of what is possible thanks to being part of the EU. The words “Gioventù in riSalto” have a special meaning: they refer to the importance of the youth

spirit which lives inside us all life. JUMP’s name is a play on words addressed to everyone. JUMP grew a lot in the last years thanks to a team of competent trainers and project designers. After the first very local projects in 2012 and 2013, the association became known at a local, regional, national, and international level along the years, thanks to a more

structured and permanent work in different areas:

– volunteering and support to grassroots local organizations (contact making, invitation to join EU projects, information on EU opportunities and mobility projects for adults and youths

– organization of a Festival (in 2019 at its 5th edition) dedicated to the Europe Day (9th May) the EURO.SOUL FESTIVAL

– organization of teachers training and trainings for educators in English language involving trainers speaking different languages

– project design and management, for us or in partnership with other institutions of the world, sometimes as coordinators, sometimes with specific roles in the project implementation

– research on educational methods and new approaches to education

– communication and social media promotion, through web-design (all our websites and projects website are designed by us internally)

– video making and photo reportage

– support to local schools to access Erasmus projects

JUMP involves actually 3 permanent workers, part-time and full time employed and around 15 persons working as externals for specific projects or as freelance trainers. On our website there’s a page dedicated to the JUMP Team.

In the last 5 years, JUMP realized more than 128 training programs hosting more than 520 among teachers, school directors, and educators. On a few occasions, we also hosted university and secondary school students for longer periods (3 weeks and 2 months). The team is continuously studying and researching trends in education and proposes

intercultural exchanges and training programs using Non Formal Education as the basic method for inclusion and local development. JUMP is still the only organization of the area resisting in proposing European opportunities and spreading European Citizenship at local level.

Main topics in which we develop EU projects are:

– creation of opportunities for youths to get a job, to train at the international level, improve their language skills, open their minds finding a reason to remain in Calabria (SO-VET K202 Erasmus project on Social Entrepreneurship as an alternative for young unemployed and M.O.T.H.E.R., the new K205 project approved in October 2020 to match precarious youth workers and mentor them to find their way in the EU Global job market)

– development of environmental good practices and policies through educational activities for students, children, teachers, and youths in general (Erasmus K205 GREEN FINGERS project on organic farming and GREEN-ABILITY which has been a long term training process for youth workers on ecology and recycling objects

– social competences development through gaming thanks to the project “GAMING AS SOCIAL SKILLS LEARNING TOOL” fighting addiction to gaming and facilitating inclusion practices for disadvantaged youths

– creation of culture and valorization of the cultural heritage of Calabria and of Europe thanks to the 2 projects, “CULTURAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS” (CSB) in the field of HEI as co-leader with La Sapienza University of Rome with other 5 universities of the EU and outside the EU and “Let’s Teach Europe! European Heritage as a pedagogical and

integration tool in adult education”

– sustainable development/social responsibility and social entrepreneurship through a new K205 project titled “Circular Economy Young Leaders”.

Thanks to the SO-VET project, the team opened a company to employ young people, a spin off of JUMP called C.T.E. CENTRO TERRITORIALE EUROPEO or, in English, Closer To Europe. 


JUMP is known at the local level by schools/educators/young people/grassroots organizations and above all by municipalities.

The President is a friend of mayors and assessors who always ask to cooperate and develop more at the international level projects and ideas. The Calabria region is characterized by very small villages in the inland or on the coast which are abandoned and empty during many months while the weather is very good and there’s a lot of facilities to host and support guests. Through this project, the area could be re-populated and this could motivate other youths to come and stay, to appreciate their land, and valorize the good. JUMP is strongly connected especially with these small villages and on our website, we always dedicate many pictures and videos on local old people, on those who remained or returned and are doing something. We network and move around because finally, they become friends.

About us

Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd. is a private English language school which is accredited by the British Council and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). We are also UKVI licensed under Tier 2 General and Tier 4 General of the points-based system. Established in 1991, we are an accredited Cambridge English exam centre and a Trinity College London teacher training centre. We offer a variety of language and vocational training courses ranging from Elementary to advanced level English as well as IELTS test preparation. We have two locations: Reading, Berkshire, and Southampton, Hampshire.

We remain dynamic and forward-thinking and use the newest teaching materials, technology, and interactive learning tools. Our teachers are highly skilled and enthusiastic, and both our academic and administrative teams have years of experience in aiding students from all over the world with their visa requirements and employment opportunities. We have an extremely multicultural student community, a great learning environment, and provide extracurricular activities to help all students engage in cultural immersion.

Our prime objective is to give all learners the best opportunity to improve their lives and aim to give them the necessary skills they need in both their personal and professional lives, to attain success. By helping them attain a good command of the skills they require, we are confident that our learners go on to lead successful and happy lives wherever they choose to live and work. We also value integrity and harmony between students, with their diversified cultures and nationalities in order to develop our own strong sense of community.

We are predominantly active in the field of youth, adult, and school education as partners of different kinds of KA1 and KA2 projects. The key for us is to work on both local and international projects and we try to cover a broad scale of themes and topics according to what our target group finds interesting. Our academic and administrative teams are both multinational and highly experienced in their specific areas of expertise and collaborate together effectively on a daily basis, bringing ideas, creativity, and opinions to the academic progress of our courses and the efficiency of the operational functions which enable them.  The activities of the organisation are based on the approaches of non-formal education, experiential and intercultural learning, social inclusion, and active participation. Our background and knowledge of the implementation of various types of learning methodologies in different learning contexts give us the relevant experience for participating in European projects. Our organisation is experienced in, and actively adopts new types of learning material, methodologies, and the incorporation of new and traditional teaching styles and methods.

About us

We live in a constantly changing society. A society that demands new challenges from us, that is demanding from ourselves to be open to new other horizons and to be prepared to embrace a reality that is still unknown. That is why, from ESID Liceo La Paz, our School of Languages, we have always dreamt about providing our students with the necessary linguistic tools to make these future challenges reachable. With this objective, and without ever losing sight of the avant-garde image of the educational center on which our Language School depends, the Liceo La Paz, we implement innovative methodologies so that our students get the most out of their classes and, in this way, obtain positive results at the academic level. 

Our history: 


ESID Lice La Paz, School of Languages,  began as a small language lab that housed some 200 students and that, gradually, has continued to grow until it became what it is today: a large teaching team specialized in language teaching , which works every day to offer an excellent quality of teaching with the most innovative and avant-garde pedagogy.  

The educational offer of ESID Liceo has been increasing little by little, and today we offer courses in English, German, French and Spanish for foreigners at all levels. In addition, at ESID Liceo you can prepare certification exams with CAMBRIDGE, TRINITY, TOEFL & IETLS for English; GOETHE for German; DELF for French and DELE for Spanish.  

At ESID Liceo we aim to make learning foreign languages a significant part of our students’ lives. For this reason, through the integration of new methodologies such as PBL, multiple intelligences, Gamification and the intuitive use of language, our students naturally acquire language, always being supporters and aware of their own evolution. 

Last but not least, we are firm believers about the fact that learning a language is intrinsically linked to discovering the culture of those countries where that language is official or co-official. Therefore, our classes are not only based on the academic learning of the language, but also on the transmission of the fundamental values of interculturality, integrating customs, popular celebrations, traditions, gastronomy, among others, within our lessons. Aspect that, in one way or another, contributes to the personal and intellectual growth of our students.