By Wiktoria Witczak, KONTAKT, Poland 

Puszczykowo,  in Greater Poland, is a small town located about 15 km from Poznań. There is a lot more to this place than just its picturesque landscape of Greater Poland National Park. Puszczykowo hides a treasure – the Arkady Fiedler Museum.

Arkady Fiedler is a person who does not need an introduction in Poland; a traveller and a brilliant author, whose books (303 Squadron, The River of Singing Fish, The Madagascar I Love) gained recognition and critical acclaim both in his home country and outside of Poland.

The museum is located in the old villa where the Fiedler family used to live. Due to the growing interest in Arkady himself and his home filled with memorabilia from his numerous journeys, he decided to turn it into a museum, which was opened in 1974.

The permanent exhibition comprises various objects gathered by Arkady and his sons, Marek and Arkady Radosław from both Americas, Africa, and Asia. Among them there are sculptures, ritual masks (some of them are said to still influence people…), tam-tams, musical instruments, weapons, human heads dissected by Indians, and plenty of other peculiar items.

There is also a significant number of exhibits representing the fauna of the world: the most beautiful tropical butterflies, huge spiders, scorpions, crocodiles, caimans, and live piranhas.

The exhibits are displayed outside as well, visitors can enjoy an outdoor exhibition and the park with replicas of Easter Island statues, Santa Maria ship, the Gate of the Sun, the Aztec calendar, and more in their original size.

It’s not the only appeal of the place. The museum offers summer and winter workshops for children and holds prelections and film projections. People of all ages can find something for themselves in this magical place.

And after a tour, a visit to the museum’s café, called Mipetraka, is recommended.

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