by Tomasz Wierzbicki KONTAKT CJO, Poland

In the afternoon, on the 25th of September 2001, we visited the town of San Floro.

In the past, the Calabria region was famous for silkworm farming and silk production. For several years, the Nido di Seta association has been operating in the region, cultivating the memory of the traditional industry of silk production. In the city center, in a former castle, there is a silk museum which has been open for several years. It’s possible to see historical silk garments there, learn about the life cycle of silkworms, and about the natural dyes that are suitable for obtaining the desired colors of silk. We also had the opportunity to get to know what the work on the traditional looms looked like.

Then, we visited the headquarters of the Nido di Seta cooperative, where we had the opportunity to see the cultivation of mulberry trees, and then see live silkworms. 

In my opinion, we should support such initiatives as Nido di Seta which maintain regional traditions. Additionally, they produce in a natural way, are ecological and support the region economically.  It was an interesting experience for me personally, because I have never had the opportunity to learn about silk production and see silkworms live.