Learning Teaching Training in A Coruña_ DAY 1 by Sofia Sinopoli and Caterina Geracitano (JUMP Team- Italy)

By Sofia Sinopoli & Caterina Geracitano (JUMP - Italy)

The day started at 8:30. After breakfast in the high school cafeteria, we met with the other groups at 9:30 in the atrium. Jennifer took us to the lecture hall of the high school and introduced us to the history of the school founded in 1967, which today has more than 200 teachers and around 2700 students. Each group received bags for each participant, containing a lot of information on brochures. From here, the tour of the high school began: first of all we visited the children’s facility, which is very well organised and also has a sensory room for disabled children. After that we took a tour of the sports facilities: football field, basketball court (one outside and one indoor) and swimming pool. After visiting the school, we took the bus to the city centre. In order to discover the city in a fun way, Jennifer and Alex organised a game: after being divided into mixed groups, each group was supposed to find monuments and places around the city by following instructions (Glass City, The Virgin of the Sailors, The caste of San Antón, The house of Rosalia the Castro…) The group that found the most would win. 

It was time for the lunch break – it was very long! We ate typical Galician dishes (“Calamares”, “Pulpo a Feiera”, “Tortilla”…). After lunch, we walked to the tower of Hercules, a lighthouse of Roman origin, located on the peninsula of the city. After climbing 247 steps we finally reached the top, from where we could enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the city La coruna. At the foot of the tower is also The compass. After that the free time began, in fact we took advantage of the access to the school swimming pool, although it was already late they kindly gave us 20 minutes. After dinner at the school canteen, we went for a walk around the school together with the other groups, to deepen our knowledge.