By   Aleksandra Andrzejczak, KONTAKT, Poland

Gniezno – The First Capital City of Poland is where it all began. “Gniezno is a city where a thousand years of tradition are interwoven with the present.” The history of Poland is essential to be taught to future generations and people of different cultures. It is a worth seeing the tourist place, that is more than just a Cathedral! Thanks to the Royal Trail, one can visit it in an entertaining way.

Royal Trail consists of 15 sculptures of rabbits, five sculptures of kings, four bronze city models, three interactive kiosks, and eight interactive boards. The average time to complete the entire walk is 4 hours, so reserve a lovely spring afternoon and join us!Photos by Jerzy Andrzejewski                                               Photos by Jerzy Andrzejewski

Today’s post focuses on our magnificent rabbits and their personal stories.

One may wonder why Rabbits have been chosen to be the symbol and the prominent leader of the trail… The answer is hidden in the Polish names. Król (king) & królik (Rabbit) are very similar in spelling. Actually, we may even say that grammatically polish “rabbit” means “small king”.

That is why we are following those quirky animals. On the trail, we meet several various historical figures connected to the place where they are located. For example, we encounter the statue of Rich Merchant, a Rabbit Hockey Player, or some vanishing professions like Scribe and Railwayman. Have a look at brief descriptions of them:  


Get to know the city by following the rabbits and kings!  What is more, there is an app which leads through the city so that you don’t miss any important statues. The app is called “Królika GOń” and is available in English, so if you are curious about this trail, you can download it even before coming to Gniezno. Touring becomes kind of a game where you collect points for checking the locations and you level up. Have a look and read more about our intriguing sculptures!

The Royal Trail is a very successful project. Sightseeing has become so much more available and well-organized thanks to it, and a tourist has everything conveniently served.

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