The Park of Worldliness – A magical place in Reggio Calabria

By Pietro Sinopoli - JUMP Team

“Mondiality is coming out of the enclosure of the ego to find oneself in God, love for all mankind, for all living things, for all things.”

(Verses carved near the entrance to the park by Father Aurelio Cannizzaro, founder of the park)

The Park of Worldliness, inspired by the values of interculture, is a place unique of its kind in Calabria and, perhaps, in all of Italy. Surrounded by greenery, amid fountains and ponds, it is possible to admire structures representing the main cultures and religions of the various populations of the world. The values of interculturalism by which it is inspired make it possible to address global issues by putting the person and his or her integral development at the center.

This place, heritage of the Archdiocese of Reggio Calabria-Bova, has been a precious heritage for almost 50 years for all generations of the City and beyond. Located in Gallico Superiore (RC), the park was conceived in 1970 by Father Aurelio Cannizzaro, a Xaverian missionary in China and the Mentawai-Indonesia islands. From that moment, it has become a meeting place between different cultures in which to experience spaces for listening, reflection, prayer, contemplation and sharing.

There are concrete structures representing cultures and religions: a Greek theater, capable of 800 seats (with summer cultural events). An Arab house representing Islamic culture and religion. An African tucul for the cultures and religions of Africa. A pyramid for the great ancient cultures. A 7-armed candelabra (Menorah) for the Jewish religion and a Pagoda for Asian cultures and religions. In the center is the grotto of the nativity (the peoples’ nativity scene).

It is a place of considerable cultural and religious interest, built using the most varied materials salvaged from areas under demolition in Reggio, with incredible imagination and creativity. In fact, it is also a relevant work from a touristic as well as a spiritual point of view.

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