Swarzędz – underrated destination in Poznan’s region

By Marcelina Obecna, KONTAKT, Poland.

If you’re looking for a quiet place, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Swarzędz will be the perfect place to chill out and let your hair off. Located in the West direction from Poznań, Swarzędz will definitely surprise you.

Open-air museum in Swarzędz (Skansen i Muzeum Pszczelarstwa w Swarzędzu)

“Save the bees” became a quite popular movement in recent years and there is no better place to educate yourself about those creatures than in an open-air museum. Here you can build your knowledge from scratch and meet face to face with tiny and friendly bees. Additionally, at the peak of the season, the whole museum is full of magnificent wildflowers.

Swarzędz Lake (Jezioro Swarzędzkie)

There is a legend that at the bottom of the lake there is an old Slavic temple for god Swarog, which probably is the origin of the name of the city. There are plenty of bike lanes around the lake and amazing fauna and flora to observe.

Museum in Swarzędz (Swarzędzkie Centrum Historii i Sztuki)

Designed to preserve the cultural heritage of Swarzędz. It is a place with many interesting exhibitions, shows and classes. Additionally, you can take a virtual walk around the old-time Swarzędz.

Virgin Hill (Dziewicza Góra)

It is a specific observation point for the city of Poznań and its surroundings. The tower is 40 feet high, which is as much as a 13-story block. In order to arrive at the viewing terrace, you have to beat the 171 staircases.

Swarzędz’s Furniture (Kultowe Meble Swarzędz Home)

Their tradition dates back to 1905 but they keep thinking about our future. In production facilities from Swarzędz, they manufacture furniture and furniture accessories using traditional methods. Their showroom is a must see!

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