Second Stage of the Primitive Way to Santiago

From O Cádavo to Lugo by Alexandra Pose Mora

We start our second stage from O Cádavo and head to the abandoned village of Soutomerille. To get to this place, we have to go into a forest, it is said that enchanted, through which pilgrims have been travelling for hundreds of years. According to history, Soutomerille had several pilgrim shelters, as well as a jail, where criminals were locked up. You can also see a church in good condition of pre-Romanesque origin.

We leave the village of Soutomerille behind to continue our way to Lugo. Farm fields and small villages intersect our path. During our journey, we passed through the towns of Carballido, Fazai and Santiago de Castelo, which are the prelude to our arrival at the Ancient Lucus Augusti, the Roman name given to the city of Lugo. In the village of Carballido, for example, years ago it was common to see wax votive offerings in gratitude to the Virgin for the healing of a sick person.

The Primitive Way enters the ancient Lucus Augusti through the Gate of San Pedro, one of the gates located in the Roman Wall that surrounds the city and through which pilgrims who have visited the city for hundreds of years have been entering.

In this way, we take a break on the way through Lugo to stroll about in its streets, discovering its iconic places, walking its wall and learning about the history of this ancient city.