Malta Festival Poznań – when the festival stage is the city

By Aleksandra Majchrowska, KONTAKT, Poland

The culture of Poznań cannot exist without the most important festival in the city – the Malta Festival. Its name comes from the lake created on the bank of the Warta River, where canoeing championships known all over Europe take place. However, in June, Malta turns into a center of theatrical culture.

The idea of the festival is to present the theater as a place for every lover of high culture. Additionally, the performances are presented in open and surprising spaces. The Festival stage is the city, the various programme sections are present on stages and in galleries, in neighbourhoods that remain on the margins of cultural life, in parks and squares, and also in the heart of the Festival which beats on Liberty Square, in the very centre of Poznań. Innovative ideas, concerts, dances, and performances take place on the streets of Poznań, in the most important buildings, shops, theaters, and on the riverside.

‘The Malta Festival is a unique meeting place for artists and intellectuals, people of diverse worldviews who share their knowledge, experience, passions and circumstances. Moreover, the Festival audience is not merely a participant, but also a cocreator. (…) The diversity and general accessibility of the events is what gives Malta its special character and provides abundant opportunities to meet at the intersection of various disciplines, forms and expectations.” (Michał Merczyński, Malta Festival Poznań Director IN 2019)

The Malta Festival has existed since 1991 and this year, its 30th anniversary was supposed to be celebrated, but the pandemic thwarted these plans. We can only hope that the Festival will once again embellish the streets of Poznań with open-air shows, talks with artists from all over Poland and the world, as well as wonderful shows for which Poznań Malta Festival is famous.

You can watch the film about the opening of Malta Festival in 2019:

This article was translated from Polish by Karolina Wójcik, KONTAKT, Poland