LTT in Soverato. Indoor session on Calabrian Cultural Heritage by JUMP. Discovering our Greek and Latin roots.

By Francesco Tirinato & Ylenia Azzaro (JUMP team)

An interesting and well-attended morning session with the Polish delegation from CJO Kontakt in Poznań and the Spanish delegation from Liceo La Paz in A Coruña has just ended.

The meeting was opened by Erika Gerardini Trainer, Project Design and Manager of JUMP, who introduced the main topics and described the further activities foreseen in this LTT.

Afterwards, Ylenia Azzaro (JUMP Team) guided the welcome guests to discover the Calabrian territory,  its culinary traditions and the linguistic connections between the local dialect and the ancient languages – Greek and Latin.

The second part of the morning was characterised by the interventions of both delegations who, supported and stimulated by the trainer Tirinato Francesco (JUMP Team) enriched this experience of mutual knowledge by sharing the rich cultural heritage present in Poznan and La Coruna.

Furthermore, during the whole week JUMP also hosted other 3 participants, out of the consortium of partners:
Mrs Anna Panek and Mr Zbigniew Strzyzynski, teachers of art at “Państwowe Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych im. Józefa Chełmońskiego” of Nałęczów in Poland .
Ms Nina Kapanadze, trainer and project manager of Vestifex Adult Learning Centre of Narva in Estonia.

One of the goals of each Erasmus Plus project is to enlarge the network, promote and disseminate. JUMP started it in June during another training with a group of teachers from Poland and Estonia during a week dedicated to our common project on Cultural Heritage. This time, there are the official partners and new comers who are bringing their contribution and will support us in the future to spread out results in their institutions.

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming Let’s Teach Europe days!!!

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