Learning Teaching Training – First day in Soverato: Mission impossible game and visit to the Old Village

By Ylenia Azzaro - JUMP Team (Italy)

The polish and spanish delegations of CJO Kontakt from Poznań and Liceo La Paz from A Coruña are in Soverato (Italy) hosted by Associazione JUMP – Gioventù in riSalto to attend the Learning Teaching Training from 19 to 26 September 2021 for the K2 Erasmus Plus project “Let’s Teach Europe. Heritage as a pedagogical and integration tool in adult education”.

The first project mobility for 8 adult students and 2 teachers started on Monday 20/09 with a full day of activities planned in the city of Soverato.

In the morning, after a short presentation of the JUMP team, they were involved in an outdoor team building game titled “Mission Impossible” aimed at getting to know each other, discovering the local context and important traditions of Calabria region. The big team of participants was divided into 2 groups (“Waka Waka Team” and “I will survive Team”), mixing the country of origin, with different tasks in order to improve their language skills, learn some Italian words and interact with local people. The teams had the mission to discover the origin of the name “Soverato”, the Bergamot fruit and its importance for the region, the mariners’ tradition of the city, the most precious piece of art of Soverato and the  beautiful ceramic shop in the main street.

In the afternoon, the delegations went on a walking tour to Soverato Superiore visiting the little village, the botanical garden and the main Church where there is an important piece of art “La Pietà” by Antonello Gagini, representative of the Renaissance of Calabria. 

It was an amazing day in which the participants had the opportunity to have fun and, in the meantime, discover new things and information that cannot be found on the internet and books.

Next days will also be full of surprises for the team who is ready for new challenges.