By Elvira De Luca and Caterina Pennisi - JUMP (Italy)

The 2nd day started very early. At 7am sharp we moved to Santiago by bus. The part that we had to walk was only 4km and it matches with the last part of the French Walk, historically the 1st one. We found out that in Spain there are 400km Ways of Santiago and there’s a european association that includes the different paths from eu.
Once reached the Santiago Cathedral, we visited the Museum of Pilgrimage, focused on pilgrimage from all over the world. The three Great pilgrimage were Jerusalem, Rome and, of course, Santiago de Compostela. Later we had a typical lunch in “Casa Manolo”where all the pilgrims stops. 
After lunch, the Spanish team took us into a relaxing garden fulfilled with beautiful flowers and plants. One of the thing about the Spanish culture it seems to be the attention for nature: in fact we had the chance to admire flowers all around the streets.

During our break we had the opportunity to share among international teams legends from the 4 Countries represented: Italy, Poland, UK, Spain: 4 culturally different countries partner of the Let’s Teach Europe Project. Few of them were pretty well known as the Monster of Lochness. Then, played some typical Polish and Calabrian card games: another example of Cultural Heritage.In the afternoon we had a guided tour to the rooftop of the Santiago Cathedral. The view above the square was literally breathtaking! Overall we can say that Santiago was really beautiful and emotional, especially for people who have faith in God or that are trying to find themselves along the way.