History of the Jesuits church started in 16th century when they came to Poland and were given the small St. Stanislaus’ Church. Meanwhile, the church turned out to be too small for the faithful, so Jesuits decided to build a new church. In 1651 a cornerstone was embed. Because of different wars, which last in 17th century’s Poland, construction of the church was finished in 1701 and consecrated  in 1705.  During War War II the church was changed into warehouse, what caused some damages. When Poznan was besieged in 1945 church was also damaged, but from 1951 was opened to the faithful. Main works on restoration of the church were 2004 – 2008.

Nowadays, Fara Church is Basilica Minor, baroque pearl and probably the most beautiful church in Poznan. Its organ is a real pearl among such instruments. It was built by Friedrich Ladegast from Weissenfels in Saxony, who was recognized as the best European organ builder at the end of the 19th century. Currently, the organ has 43 voices, 3 manual keyboards and a pedal. The sound is provided by 2,600 tin and wooden pipes. The longest pipes are over 5 meters long, and the shortest pipes are about a centimeter long.