By Alberto Miranda – ESID Liceo la Paz

On the first day, in the afternoon, we went to Soverato Superiore, the upper part of the village, and we went to the church to see “La Pietà de Gagini”, the most famous piece of art in Soverato. We learned about its history, how it was made and who the sculptor has taken his inspiration from, its tragic and partial loss in an earthquake, the restoration of it and how it ended up in Soverato.

Then after that, we went to the top of the village to witness a spectacular and breathtaking view of the fields full of olive trees and the hills where Soverato Superiore was located in the past. As we continued with the tour around the village, we visited an old house where an old lady called Adriana had lived in her childhood. A small house with no more space than a room of 12m2, where she lived with her parents and it was also a shoe-maker house.

At the end of the day, we visited the botanic garden with breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. The botanic garden has a lot of different plants and trees from different parts of the north and south of Italy.

My Erasmus week was an incredible experience that has allowed me to know more about other cultures.