By Reyes Martínez – ESID Liceo la Paz

We started our day having free time in the morning so we went to the beach. There we enjoyed the beach and then we went to have lunch.

In the afternoon, we started our visit in a cheese farm where we tried different types of cheese and hot tabasco’s jam.

Then, we continued to visit a beautiful ecological farm in which we saw some restored houses, some home grown vegetables and some more tabasco products.

We also had the opportunity to experiment the grape harvest, collecting some grapes that they would be used to produce wine. Almost at the end of the day, near the sunset, we went to a watermill with some archaeological ruins behind it.

After the beautiful mill, at night time, we went to try a special meal, the pinsa, that it’s like the traditional pizza but with a significant difference, the dough is not the normal one although it’s made with sourdough. That was a good day, I enjoyed it and if I could I would repeat it again.