By Carmen Portela – ESID Liceo la Paz

Our first day in Soverato was better than we expected. The Polish and Spanish teams had two import objectives: to know each other and discover the traditional culture of Calabria and specially of Soverato. For this reason, we were divided in two teams and each team was composed by Polish and Spanish people.

Our challenges were 3:

  1. What is the most precious piece of art of Soverato? Where is it?

We obtained the answer asking the local people in the main street of Soverato (we could not use internet, google, etc)

The most precious piece of art in Soverato is “La Pietá” by Antonello Gagini and we could find it in the main Church located in Soverato Superior.

  1. What is Bergamotto and why is so important for the Calabrian people?

Bergamotto is a fruit. It is a mixture between orange and lemon.

It is important for them because you can use it in cosmetics as an essence, soap, body milk,… in health as a cream for the skin diseases, etc.

  1. Discover a woman who is the only one working the clay in a unique way.

The artist name is Francesca and she and her ceramic shop is amazing.

My Erasmus week in Soverato was an amazing experience that I would like to repeat again. “Grazie Mille” Soverato!