Run for it! A half marathon through the districts of Poznań

By Monika Szafaryn, KONTAKT, Poland.

We  live in a digital era. The Internet and high-tech devices have taken over our lives without a doubt. Keeping our bodies and minds healthy and in check has become a challenge. It is becoming more and more difficult for us to engage in activates requiring effort which strains us physically. Nonetheless, the citizens of Poznań somehow find the strength to push themselves to their limits every year. For 14 years, since 2008 Poznań has organized a half marathon through the districts of the city. A true veteran knows that a route which remains unchanged for years works perfectly to their advantage and since a few years that is exactly the case in Poznań. This year the participants of the event run through the following districts: Jeżyce, Grunwald, Górczyn, Łazarz, Stare Miasto and back to Jeżyce where the half marathon ends.

Over the years and throughout the 13 editions (not including this year’s edition), the running event has been joined by over 80 thousand participants not only from Poland, but from other European and non-European countries as well, which consequently sumps up to 60 different countries. Although the numbers of those who have finished the half marathon differ slightly in comparison with the starting numbers, 78 people have managed to finish all 13 editions of the sports event.

Every year there is at least over 6 thousand runners at the starting lineup. It is a mass of people and a celebration of running in its purest form. This year’s half marathon’s participants will challenge themselves to run the distance of 21 km on the 3rd of April. The event will be the more special because the Poland’s record holder, Krystian Zalewski,  has announced he is also going to participate and attempt to beat his own life record.

Marathon running is a challenge not everyone can answer to, but everyone who has ever participated in such an event confirms that, despite strengthening the body, running strengths the spirit as well. Poznań’s tradition appeals not only to the citizens, but many outsiders as well. If you are in Poznań, how about having a try and challenging yourself, too?

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