Is pub etiquette an actual tradition or a cultural heritage, in England?

There are approximately 45,000 pubs in the United Kingdom, and no matter where you are in a city, town, or countryside, there is likely to be at least one nearby. They may either be a focal point of the town or establish their own community feel as a result of the people who make it their “local.” While bars in certain areas of the globe are primarily used to provide beverages, the pub in the United Kingdom has evolved into a communal gathering place, a lounge where everyone is welcome.  

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There are unwritten rules that everyone follows, while having a great time with friends at the pub. Here are some examples of the unwritten rules:  

  1. Ignore the Tip. In most pubs in the UK, tipping the bartender is not usual. Instead, purchase a drink for the bartender. When you go to pay, say, “…and one for yourself.” This allows them to put extra money equivalent to the cost of an ordinary drink into a jar to save. 
  1. It’s in the eyes. If you want to be served at a busy bar, don’t bother shouting, waving frantically, or ringing the counter bell—you’ll be ignored! Instead, simply make eye contact with the bartender; he’ll come over to serve you the next time he has the opportunity. 
  1. Be Particular. Asking for “a beer” at a bar is similar to walking into a diner and ordering “a meal.” You’ll have to be a little more specific than that. Instead, be specific: stout, lager, cask ale, porter, bitter, and so on. Don’t know what to ask for? Lager is a reliable, middle-of-the-road option. 
  1. Finish it off. Don’t only place an order for yourself! You’re bound to make some new pals in your regular neighbourhood pub if you purchase a round. But be careful—you may need to be quick on the draw to beat your new friends to the punch. 
  1. Don’t Bar the Bar. Do you have a huge group? Don’t obstruct the bar! Nominate one member from your party to go buy the round while the rest of the group relaxes at the table. The regulars will appreciate it. 
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We can easily say that British pubs are places full of people to enjoy their time, meet new people but also to relax while having a good beer; that is why pubs can be included in the UK’s cultural heritage.  In the classic British pub, everyone is welcome. In fact, nearly one at every four Britons will now meet their future wife or spouse in a bar! 

Written by: Petra Dolinska, Eurospeak


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