Halloween is a well-known celebration for people around the world. In the UK we celebrate Halloween a little bit more than in the European countries. Halloween has a long tradition among different religions.  

English people love to celebrate Halloween. The celebration starts the week before the 31st of October. People tend to decorate their houses, pubs or even their pets get to wear the costumes. Someone could say that people are racing to decorate their house better than the neighbour’s house. If you walk through London in that week, you will find lots of interesting decorations, from pirates and spiders with webs to witches and scary creatures.  

A pumpkin with a scary face with candles- also known as Jack-o-lantern- is also extremely popular, sitting on the front porch or staring at you through the window. There are a lot of pumpkin farms where people can go and pick their own pumpkins. It is immensely popular part of Halloween for kids.  

‘Trick or Treat, is common phrase used a lot during Halloween night. Most kids will go Treat and Treating on Halloween night. They knock on the doors in their neighbourhood in the hope of getting some chocolate, sweets, and candies.  

Written by: Petra Dolinska, Eurospeak


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