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The mobility organised by JUMP aimed at demonstrating cultural heritage of the town of Soverato and the surrounding areas of the Calabria region in Southern Italy. UK team believes that we gained a unique experience of Calabrian culture that we would have struggled to obtain otherwise.  

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The first day acted as an introduction to the area. Tasks such as the “mission impossible” allowed us to gain basic but vital information of the area but also take us out of our comfort zone by interacting with the locals.  

Such as knowing about the local fruit, Bergamoto, and the etymology of the name Soverato. This was complimented with tours of the local area which showed the geology, geography, history, and culture of the area. Not to mention the views were stunningly breath-taking. Areas such as the botanical gardens in Soverato, the olive plantations and ruins of Squillace, where we learnt about the fusion of roman and Greek architecture, transmitted engaging narratives that are amalgamated to create a distinct comprehension of the Calabria region.  

Furthermore, the JUMP members gave excellent recommendations for places to eat where we were able to sample fresh and local produce, most of which we had learnt about during the outings. There all aspects were extremely well-connected. 

In general, UK team really enjoyed how JUMP organised the week’s activities. It was done as a progression system. In other words, as the days progressed, more complex knowledge was diffused that built upon the base knowledge I had. Ergo, I could easily comprehend all the details without it feeling overwhelmed. Not to mention the ample opportunities we had to engage with other Erasmus+ participants and learn about their experiences.   

Written by: Cristian Ware, Eurospeak