Dissemination of the Let’s Teach Europe project – JUMP session on Cultural Heritage of Calabria to a group of french teachers for the K1 Erasmus Plus course

By Ylenia Azzaro - JUMP Team

The JUMP association of Soverato continues to promote and disseminate the results of the project “Let’s Teach Europe” emphasizing the importance of cultural heritage for the present and the future of Europe, countries and territories.

Two weeks ago, on the occasion of the Erasmus Plus courses organized by JUMP for international teachers in the framework of the K1 action, a team of French teachers from Bourges had the opportunity to attend the lesson dedicated to the discovery of the Calabrian territory, its culinary traditions and its linguistic roots.

After a first introductory part on the culinary and linguistic aspects, the Greek and Latin roots of the Italian language, the trainers Ylenia Azzaro and Francesco Tirinato presented to the team the project site, the strategic partnership and the objectives of the project focusing on the articles written by JUMP related to the surrounding territory, the customs and traditions of the Calabrian people. 

The session continued by addressing the topic of European design and the importance of building a solid ground for writing European projects that offer concrete possibilities for the exchange of ideas, perspectives and long-term collaborations. One of the objectives of any Erasmus Plus project is always to extend the network, promote and disseminate, involving as much as possible the young people of the territory that must adapt to the new labor market that requires the development of digital skills and JUMP strongly believes in the training of these new professionals.

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